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Tips to plan a fun Monsoon wedding

July 12, 2019




I got married in January, the best of all season (as Its not to hot and not too cold either). But my sisters wedding got finalized in August (peak of monsoon). I have seen my cousins wedding being destroyed to some extent due to rains and I didn't wanted to go through the same for my sisters wedding too. I started to plan everything keeping in mind the limitations that the season had. Be it decorations, photo shoots, clothes, jewelry, shoes, invitations everything.


I thought of sharing these tips here so that it would be of some help if anyone is planning a monsoon wedding too.



Always select a venue which is indoors as who wants the last minute change in the setup of the venue. It would help to plan things before hand like decoration and the theme of the wedding.

If possible book a venue which has some open space available so that if you want to plan an impromptu rain dance that can even be done.



I just love how the flower decorations and the one with duppatts turn out to be. But this can be a bad idea if planned during a monsoon wedding. If using flowers for decoration then using the artificial ones would be a great idea. I would rather choose to keep it simple but yet colourful and classy.





Bridal or Pre wedding photo shoots are a must have these days. Though i never got a chance to do it for my wedding so I have made a point that I get it done for my sister. Rains would really add a good touch and feel to it. So I decided to take the advantage of it and plan something wherein few shots can be taken while it's raining (Romantic isn't it).




This is the best part of weddings. SHOPPING and planning outfits for every occasion. Weddings in my family are a week long affair. So I had to plan a lot of outfit ideas for me, my sister (the bride), my mom, my hubby, kids, mother in law, etc... (yes I am that excited).


It's better to choose outfits that are very light in weight and the fabric that can be easily dried off it at all it gets wet.

I decided to ditch those long one pieces and wear something that ends on my ankles to keep it safe from getting wet.

Sarees give a royal look don't you think so. And kanjeevaram sarees are in these days. I decided to go with the trend and get one for me as well. These sarees are easy to maintain and manage and would give a royal look too.


Ditch pencil heels this season and opt for wedges, block heels or mojdis to keep it more comfortable yet stylish.

Always keep the jewelry simple during this season as it there are chances of it being damaged.


If possible prefer gold jewelry as it would not get spoiled if it gets in contact of water and its the best option if someone is allergic to artificial jewelry.




I remember it took ages to design, print and distribute the invitation cards during my wedding. Thus this time we have decided to keep it simple and incorporate the theme monsoon in our wedding invitations too.

Tip: Always keep an e-invite ready as it save lot of time and money. Just send an e-invite and follow it with a phone call this would definitely give a personal touch and the relatives would be happy too.


So these were the pointers I kept in mind while planning for my sisters monsoon wedding. I hope this would be of some help to you guys.

Do let me know what you think about this and also if there are any idea or suggestions or tips that would be if a great help too.


PS: After planning so much i am happy that my sisters wedding has been postponed to winters. The best season according to me. 


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