My Diapering journey so far

May 27, 2019


Every mum has its own personal choice when it comes to diapering. Whether to choose cloth diapers or disposable ones. The day I came to know that I am going to be mother of twins that's when I decided that I don't want to waste my time and energy washing and changing them (Langot).


I had a c-section and was on recovery phase after giving birth to my twin boys. During those days my mum and my mother in law took the charge of the boys and they were very much ok with using traditional cloth diapers. My mother had already made few of them before the kids were born. I let them take the charge and let them decide what's best for the babies.


My babies were born in winter so you could imagine the amount of wetting. And with two of them we always use to run out of our stock of clothes at the end of the day. That was the time I decided to introduce disposable ones for my kids atleast during nights so that we all could have some sound sleep and even my kids can also sleep peacefully.


This routine continued for few months I.e cloth diapers during the day and disposable ones during the night. We were having the benefit of best of both worlds.


I live in bangalore where the climate is quite cool so I never faced any problem of diaper rash until then. I use to take good care of their sensitive areas, would always clean it properly and apply a good layer of diaper rash cream before every change.


When they were 6 months old I went to my mums place during summers that's when my kids got there first worst diaper rash which made wearing disposable diapers impossible for quite a few days.


PS : Till than I was not aware of the modern day diapering.


That's when I started searching for options which would suit my kids, not cause any more rash and would keep them dry as well.


My masi introduced me to cloth diapers which she used for her kids when they were young and sent me a pack of big white clothes (khus).


These were a life saver for me. They actually soaked one entire pee and kept my kids dry at the same time. Yeh my work almost doubled. As I have to keep changing them and wash them at the end of the day. I have two kids so you guys can imagine the time I spend changing them and washing them.. Phew!!!! (I still do follow the same routine). But I am happy at-least my kids don't have to suffer from any more diaper rash.


Till now I am using these cloth diapers. My kids are 11 months old and we both are happy with this diaper routine.


With time passing even this cloth diapers have started having their own limitations. Recently one of my kid is facing the worst diaper rash problem cause I am still using the disposable ones at night. It's the need of the hour that I switch to modern day cloth diapers. I am still a bit skeptical about them cause I have invested in few of them and a bit disappointed with the results.


Hope I find the perfect cloth diapers for my kids and can ditch the disposable ones for their night time routine. 


This is my diapering journey so far for my twin kids. Hope you found it interesting to read. Feel free to let me know what u feel.


Till then stay blessed.

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