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July 25, 2018


Hello everyone. Before I start with my first blog post let me just introduce myself. I am Nisha Zaheer Thobhani , 30 years (biological age, I feel much more younger than that personally). I am a mother to two cute little ten months old boys Arhaan and Zohaan. I got married in 2016 (lol yes I became a mother even before my 1st wedding anniversary) and now living in Bangalore.

I did my MBA in Finance and then started my carrier has a faculty in a BBA College. So after getting into academics my love for studies increased and so I decided to study even more further and did my Masters in Commerce (M.Com). (There is a big story behind this if anyone interested do let me know I can share it in another blog post or a short story on my instagram). Still my hunger for studying further was not satisfied and I dreamt of getting into IIM’s for a new short duration course in teaching. With God’s grace I even succeeded in it and did my FDPM (Faculty development program) from none other than IIM – Ahmedabad. Yes it was a dream comes true for me.

Just after completing my FDP I got married to the man of my dreams and shifted to Bangalore and started my life here. Before I could even start my carrier here I became prego and now I am a full time mommy to these two cute boys. 

PS: I am a kind of a descriptive writer so there are chances that my posts may be a bit long but i will try not to make it boring lol. 

see you all super soon. Till than have a great time.

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